Thinking if your invention already exists? First try with a rigorous patent search.

Patent Search

Before applying to patent, one needs to be sure that one’s innovation does not exist prior to it. One can be sure for it by searching in Intellectual property database with IPR regulatory authority of India as to check if similar or same kind of object or invention exists, the patent application would be rejected as it would infringe  on others patent which may lead to legal suit.

Even though no patent are granted before thorough search, by the authorities, it is recommended to have a patent search before applying for the patent.


All details including use case regarding the invention needs to be provided along with your competitor details.

Patent Search

  • Thorough search in Patent database
  • Assessment of approval of patent
  • Search and assessment report
  • Timeline : 5 days
    • Price* ₹ 8000
      *taxes extra


    frequently asked questions

    Patent search is a preliminary process and it can save lot of money and effort before filing the patent application.

    Though it may be a time consuming process and might require an expert in its field, but it increases the chances of getting the patent by manifold. As if you are confident after the patent search report that no one has filed similar patent, or if any exists how to change yours to accommodate the rules of the patent and what modifications are needed for final approval.
    Hiring an expert is essentials as you are not a legal and domain expert in case of your invention. Even though you patent search can be publicly done, but legalities and experience of the domain matters in final grant of the patent.