The Story of StartupsKart is an outcome of various obstacles and pains I had experienced while starting my first venture!

When I first incorporated my company it was not pain free and was full in dark what is happening and what else it required in terms of legal and compliance. Anyhow first company was incorporated, and I started the operations.

After 4 years I wanted to start a new business and now I wanted to get involved in all the incorporation process. So I started with incorporation and I was thorough in incorporation process—but still I was not aware of legal and compliance part.

After second company got incorporated, I was receiving tons of spam emails from various service providers to use their respective services. These email outlined various things which were required to stay compliant with legal formalities. To my surprise, I didn’t even knew we really required those things and we have never complied in my first company.

Our first enterprise is regarding Technology solutions and second is for marketing, so I thought I could associate with a reliable legal and compliance background partner and then could solve a typical problem which every startup have to face now and then in terms of Technology, Marketing, legal & compliance solutions and this is how the concept of was born or I could say this idea came out of spam box.

As of now we have added few essentials services listed on Startupskart .com and are exploring more new services to include in kart of, which could benefit the startups world.

We are a team of experienced professionals comprising IT Pros, Marketing Pro, Advocates, IPR attorneys, Chartered Accountant & Company Secretaries all having between 6-18+ years of experiences.